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Bon Appe-Meat - Care Package

Bon Appe-Meat

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Satiate your carnivorous cravings with our 'Bon Appe-Meat' Care Package. This gourmet assortment is filled to the brim with a variety of top-notch meat treats and complementary snacks:

  • Double Barrel Hot Shots 1.12 Oz (3): Spice up your snack game with our Double Barrel Hot Shots, offering a burst of heat and flavor in every bite.

  • Double Barrel Spicy Meat & Cheese 1.125 Oz (3): Delight in the savory harmony of spice, meat, and cheese with these satisfying snack sticks.

  • Double Barrel Salami Sticks 1.12 Oz (3): Enjoy the rich, robust taste of our Double Barrel Salami Sticks, perfect for a quick protein-rich snack.

  • Big Haus Cajun Beef Sausage 5 Oz (1) & Big Haus Summer Sausage 5 Oz (1): Savor the unique flavors of our Big Haus sausages. The spicy Cajun Beef Sausage offers a zesty kick, while the Summer Sausage provides a classic, hearty taste.

  • Sweet Sue Chicken Breast 3 Oz (1): Relish the lean, tender texture and home-cooked flavor of our Sweet Sue Chicken Breast.

  • Mayo Packet 9 Gm (4): Add a creamy touch to your snacks or meals with our convenient Mayo Packets.

  • Snack Cracker 11.3 Oz (1): Complement your meat snacks with our light, crunchy Snack Crackers.

  • Pork Rinds 1 Oz (2): Enjoy the savory crunch of our Pork Rinds, an irresistible treat for any meat lover.

  • Jalapeno Cheese 1 Oz (2): Spice up your snacking with our tangy Jalapeno Cheese, a perfect companion for your meat treats.

  • Hot Pepper Cheese Stick 4 Oz (1): Experience the fiery heat and creamy goodness of our Hot Pepper Cheese Stick.

  • Big Haus Salami (1): Treat yourself to the traditional, savory flavor of our Big Haus Salami, a meat lover's delight.

As a token of our appreciation, this package also includes a Thank You Postcard. The 'Bon Appe-Meat' Care Package is a must-have for anyone who appreciates high-quality, flavorful meat snacks!

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